Warren Robertson (@WarrenRcomedian) is a comedian who has no boundaries. Warren has presented radio shows and has written columns for various magazines and newspapers. Warren Robertson started his career in 2006 in the legendary Melville Underground. Warren Robertson spent 2008/2009 in the UK and appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Warren Robertson returned to South Africa in 2010 and in 2011 was nominated at the Comics Choice Awards in 2011 as the breakthrough comedian of the year. Fellow comedian Al Prodgers has referred to Warren Robertson as, “The most pyrotechnic mind in South African Comedy”.

The everyday becomes beautifully strange and his delightfully twisted mind supplies bizarre, playful answers to some of life’s once seemingly simple questions. He tackles crime, history, politics, and even the philosophies, words and idioms we take for granted with an air of detached confusion and turns them into material for his shows.