25th October, 2017

People Who Are Having A Way, Wayyyy Worse Day Than You


No matter how much of a bad day you are having, these peoples woes are guaranteed to make you feel like your day is not as bad as you think it is. In addition you will have a good chuckle looking at just how unbelievably terrible these peoples days were, 


Perfectly poised pooch perches on back of owner's motorcycle


This dog is the true definition of what it is to literally live on the edge. As impressive as the dogs balancing skill are, the guy riding on this motor cycle should seriously be in trouble for putting the dog in the face of such danger. The footage is however still incredibly humorous.


Mom Illustrates What It's Really Like To Have Kids 


We can never underestimate the challenges of being a mother. Being a mother is serious business , but in as serious as it is this mother has hilariously perfectly summed up her life of being a mother . Go ahead and click on the link for a laugh.


Cat Jumps Into Lake After Guy Sneezes


This very rare footage of a cat being scared to death will have you on your knees with laughter.   I mean the poor cat was quarter to having a heart attack. This is a clear lesson for all ; be very mindful of your sneezing around cats ! 


Business Cards That Are Entirely Too Clever For Their Own Good


When it comes to business cards you really have not seen it all until you have a look at these. Some of these are beyond ridiculous and hilarious. This level of silliness should never be revealed to the public .


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