8 Embarrassing Celeb Secrets

8th January, 2016

We all hate to admit that we have done some shady things in the past that we are not proud of. However, this article is dedicated to celebrities who have taken the cake when it comes to odd life choices.

First up we have Comedian Ricky Gervais, who was part of a new wave pop band called Seona Dancing! Lol!

American Actor, Christopher Walken worked in the circus as a lion tamer at the ripe age of 15! 

Steve Jobs decided to become a Vegan for the purpose of never having to shower... Logic at its finest...

Jerry Springer was the Mayor of Cincinnati?! 

Ex President, George W. Bush, was a cheerleader in College???

Bill Gates was put in charge of creating code to schedule classes in college. He sneakily made sure that he was coded into the system to put him in classes with the most female students!

Comedic actor, Tim Allen, was jailed for two years for possession of Marijuana in 1978!

Taylor Swift's first job ever was to knock praying mantises out of trees!

Source: EMGN.com

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