A Fresher Look for The Cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

14th September, 2015

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air brought 90's fashion to our screens. What would the show and its characters look like if it was set in 2015?

Graphic designer, Leland Foster, took it upon herself to give the cast a fresher and more modern look to fit with the times. Leland decided to transform the cast into its modern counterpart as a celebration of the shows 25th anniversary which was on September 10th.


Will Smith rocks bold and vibrant colours which fit the hip-hop aesthetic.


Ashley flaunts a more relaxed style of dressing, with a hint of colour. A true depiction of her character.


Carlton would be the gadget geek, which would be paired with his irresistible urge to wear somewhat conservative/geeky attire which he believes to be hip.


Geoffrey oozes English swag in a stylish grey suite, which juxtaposes with random kitchen accessories. He makes house-keeping look cool!


Phil exudes a casual air and his attire suits it. The bomber jacket and hipster glasses flaunt his cool demeanor.


Hillary, the fashionista, oozes of swag in her off-the-cat-walk attire.

Source: Mashable

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