5th April, 2018

Support group for those who hated Wonder Woman

The movie Wonder Woman received quite a lot of love, even though there were a few critics who believed the movie could not be feminist as it was not written by a woman and had patriarchal undertones, especially when Diana got to London and had to change her dress code. It seems these women had it really rough after the movie’s release…


Best feelings of the week

There are quite a number of things that could make your week better, but none come close to re-discovering money you had accidentally forgotten about, especially when you're cash-strapped. This will definitely make you wish you could kiss yourself!

College Humor

Sleeping Beauty

Ever wondered what Sleeping Beauty’s first words were when she woke up?? Did she remember who she was, where she was, or worse, did she recognize the prince who brought her back to life. We don’t know, but we know someone who has a wild guess…

Bored Panda

Watching Horror

Watching a lot of horror movies can ruin a person, you begin over-analyzing everything and it leads to you believing that there are clues everywhere, even when there are none. Paranoia sky-rockets and you will constantly be on the edge. A little something like this:

College Humor

Bunny Fear

We all have something(s) we were terribly afraid of as kids, be it puppets, clowns, pets, etc., but everyone seems to concur that bunnies are cute and should be loved and petted. Except for these kids! (At least we know which parents did not have to bring out the Easter Bunny this year.)


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