3rd April, 2018

Eating Alone

It’s been said that eating out alone is for the brave-hearted. No one wants to be seen munching away by themselves, but what is so wrong with enjoying your own company in public? That doesn’t mean one’s lonely or crazy…right??


Then and Now

Life has improved quite a bit over the past couple of years, some say it is for the best while others (who are somewhat stuck in the past), wish that things had been left as they were. Which is better? We’ll leave it to you to decide…



Some say that parenting is a skill that one keeps refining as the years go by. The biggest parent-struggle is difficulty with making time for yourself while simultaneously caring or your child, but it seems that some parents have all the luck with things that other parents have headaches over…like this guy:

The Chive

How to make popular music

Ever wondered how musicians make music that is popular? Especially nowadays with our ever-shortening attention spans. It seems that creating hits or getting to the point where music was hits was also a struggle in Beethoven’s time…


Old people won’t get this!

Technology has brought upon us a whole new list of struggles that old people will never understand or relate to, things like not having Wi-Fi or not looking good enough to take a picture just in case your followers see, are struggles our grandparents never had to worry about. Yet, these struggles are so relateable to us.


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