7th December, 2017

Things That Everyone Loves, That You Can’t Freaking Stand


People share details pf the things that they absolutely hate but everyone loves and it is hilarious. Click on the link for a good chuckle.


 Greatest Salt Bae Memes


Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe became a meme sensation in January after a video of his flamboyant salt sprinkling went viral on social media. The trained butcher inspired scores of memes and parodies, many of them used to describe ways we add flourish to our everyday lives. We look take a look at some of the funniest ones 


Just a reminder that spiked eggnog leads to drunk texts


These text messages are will have you in stiches laughing but they will also teach a very important lesson. DO NOT drink and text . Click on the link to check them out.


Bad roommates breed the purest type passive aggression


The idea of having an apartment mate always seems like a good one, after all you will saving on   rent and all kinds of costs. But when you actually have an apartment it can be a nightmare. Take a look at these incredibly funny images that show you exactly why that can be the case


No one is safe from this savagery 


The level of savagery in these images is unmatched. Really sensational stuff here folks, you will be on your knees from laughter. Go ahead and click on the link. 


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