9th March, 2018

Who is Stupid?

Ever been in a position whereby your boss asked you a tricky question (tricky because what you actually want to say could possibly get you fired)? So instead, you have to intelligently put together your answer so that your message comes across but in a very subtle way…


Not feeling it

Ever been set up with someone your friends were totally convinced you would like, but it just didn’t work out because you had nothing in common with the person? So you just sat there on the date hoping someone would save you, a little something like this…



And just when we thought the hype around polony had died down…Zapiro does it again. What could possibly be making Home Affairs Minister Melusi Gigaba and former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni ill? It’s a mysteriosis! But there have been a few speculations…


Dinosaurs are extinct…or NOT

We have all been given a history lessons on how once upon a time dinosaurs use to roam the earth but have gone extinct. So what happens when unsuspecting people find a realistic-looking dinosaur in the parking lot? P.S. No one needed medical attention after this prank. 



Who dis? 

When you text the person you met and made out with at the club the next day and you tell them your name, but they still ask who you are, so just sit there and have multiple existential crises like…


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