10th October, 2017

Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Pregnancy
Fear not. We have the answers... Well we don't have them but the internet does.

Did you know that a male foetus in the womb can have an erection? This information has been provided from a well-known source in the art of baby making.


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Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Even If You're Not Married!
Like watching a movie with your significant other and the guy in the movie rips the girls shirt off!

WIFE: That's so hot
HUSBAND: Rips wifeís shirt
WIFE: Did you just rip my freaking shirt?


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Behind The Scenes | Movie Pranks That Were Totally Mental!
In the classic third movie, Harry Potter And The Sea Of Awkward Boners, Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry asked the director to place his sleeping bag next to a girl he had a crush on!

What Radcliffe didn't know was that Dumbledore and Snape had a massive trick up their gowned sleeves. Using magic, they hid a whoopee cushion his sleeping bag. That must have blew her away LOL!


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Unnecessarily Horrifying Episodes Of Beloved Kids Shows
In the spirit of all things October and Halloween we took the opportunity to showcase some awkward things that children watch. We all know Sesame Street | A show that mainly focuses on puppets and rarely on dead children. We saw dead people when the gang went to a museum and meet the ghost of a dead Egyptian child.


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Millennial Moms Who Prove That Parenting Today Is Pretty Damn Funny
In the wise words of a millennial mom: "Millennial mom means sexting with one hand while cleaning poop with the other!"


Click on the link to LOL at some of the craziest things that millennial moms have experienced or done. WOW!

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