11th April, 2018

The stages of getting back to dating

Dating again for the first time in a while can feel a little weird. You may feel a bit out of touch with the “game” and it may even feel like you are just destined to be single. What often helps is lowering one’s expectations, but how low is low enough??



It has been said that beautiful women just don’t have brains, whether that is true or not, women who are believed to not be that beautiful seem to always be keen to point out how brainless the other women are…


Dirty Scenes in Cartoons

Cartoons are synonymous for having inserts of dirty jokes that fly over kid’s heads but adult can understand and well relate to, Flash is one of those cartoons that will have you giggling at parts that’ll leave a kid confused.

The Chive

The lotion hit me

It often feels like lifeless objects do it with such purpose and intent when they “accidentally” hit you. The pain is so excruciating that you’ll want to cry and can almost hear your other toiletries cheering on at your dismay.

Bored Panda

After bringing on horror movies

You will notice that after watching a few horror movies you start believing that some of the scary creatures might have accidentally ended up in your home, so closing your eyes (even if it’s just to blink), becomes extremely difficult.  Shampooing your hair might not be the best thing to do after watching horror…


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