11th January, 2018

These construction jokes have a great buildup 

These jokes will have you on your stomach rolling from laughter; trust us you have to check these out. Go ahead and click on the link.


 'Starter Packs' That Will Hit Way Too Close to Home

You will relate to at least one of these hilarious “Starter Packs”. You definitely want to go through these and have a good chuckle. 


People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Day Than You

If you think you are having a terrible day, you might just reconsider after seeing these incredible images of people having realllly terrible days.


You Weren't Supposed To See that Photo

This is probably one of the most hilarious clips we have ever come across. You will without a doubt fall in love with this clip .


People Tweet Their Worst First Dates

We thought we had heard it all when it comes to bad first dates. But after reading this we really had to reconsider these are totally unbelievable .



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