12th March, 2018

Buying online: Expectation vs Reality

Ever bought something online because it was so perfectly sold to you it had you convinced it would solve literally all your problems? Only for your product to be delivered, leaving you really disappointed. Oh well, we can only dream…




Man protects dog from getting wet

We all know the popular saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend”, but that doesn’t mean we should treat dogs like children right? Or maybe we should, if they cooperate, like this doggy…



Meanwhile in America…

According to reliable sources, under Trump’s new rule, the spelling of certain words has changed to accommodate the president’s new spelling discoveries. This definitely means big things for spelling bees in America…




Perhaps the saying that “women don’t know what they want” isn’t true. Perhaps it’s more a matter of they know what they want, they just don’t think they can get it…Poor Vsauce is now having an existential crisis!




Life Tips

Do you love black socks? Do you have a pair of socks that you are unwilling to depart with? Are you lazy to buy new pairs of socks, only for them to end up with a hole by your big to? Then this is the pro-life hack for you!

Bored Panda

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