12th October, 2017

Tourists pranked with shattering illusion on glass walkway


This has to be one of the most savage pranks we have ever seen. Any prank that has you seeing the gates of heaven is too vicious. But above and beyond that this man’s reaction is absolutely hilarious .Click on the link to see the video.

Times Relationships Were Hilariously Unpredictable


You can be in a relationship with someone for a very long time and reach a stage where you can easily predict their behavior. But sometimes you can get caught off guard and your partner will do the most unpredictable thing. These images show those hilariously unpredictable moments in relationships

The Moonwalking Dog


The King of Pops Legacy truly lives on. This rare footage of a dog doing the iconic moonwalk proves that. Click on the link to check it out, trust us you will love it.

Tweets About Microsoft Word That Show You're Not Alone in the Struggle


Word is awful, and not only because if you’re using it you’re doing (copying) homework or updating your resume — both very sad times when you question what you stand for and if you want to go full Wilson and live on a deserted island. These hilarious tweets will make you realize you are not alone in the struggle. Go ahead and click on the link.

People Who Got Roasted To A Crisp



These individuals got savagely roasted and they gladly took it on the chin. Click on the link to see exactly what we are talking about. Trust us you will have a good laugh.


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