13th March, 2018

The wonders of online shopping…

Ever bought something online and immediately wished you could ship it back? Especially since you had to wait in anticipation and excitement only to discover that things are not quite as they seem, like this guy who thought he had the perfect gift for his girlfriend…

Bored Panda

The emotional rollercoaster

We all have that one friend that always drunk-cries over an ex and makes a spectacle on a night out, only to swear never to do it again because they’re over the ex, only to drunk call and make out with the ex on the next night out and cry again…

College Humor



We’ve all had those moments where auto-correct was actually incorrect yet insisted on correcting us even when we’re correct. It can be really infuriating, or sometimes just really hilarious!


Plot Twist

Are you an alcoholic? Do you think you have a problem? Do you really want to quit drinking? Do you want to forget you ever tasted alcohol? Then you probably would not want to receive this business card!




When you’ve been stalking your crush all day and you’ve picked an image of them you really like and just as you’re about to download it, your data gets depleted…

Daily Haha

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