14th May, 2018

Breaking up with Strangers


This guy has been playing a (somewhat) cruel prank on strangers by texting them that he's breaking up with them. The results of this have been highly variable, but ultimately hilarious. Go Ahead and click on the below link for a good chuckle


Funniest Tweets This Week

These tweets will have you on the floor from laughter, trust us they are definitely worth checking out. Do the right thing and click on the link below?


                    Weird-Ass Photos

These images will initially have you confused and the confusion will be followed by solid laughter. Click on the link below for a good giggle .


Honest Interracial Date

The most honest depiction of a date we have ever come across and you’d better do  yourself a favor and check it out and you will without a doubt be left in stiches .


Parents Confess Lies They've Sold Their Kids On

These devious parents told their poor kids some borderline TERRIFYING lies. Let's just hope they owned up to them being honest eventually. 





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