14th November, 2017

Times People Lied And The Internet


There are few things as funny as people being exposed for their lies on the internet. And this is exactly the case here and it is incredibly funny. Go ahead and click on the link for a good chuckle .


The Pros and Cons of Being The Creative One in Your Family


It is safe to say that most people would not mind be known as “creatives”. But carrying this title comes with its pros and cons. Have a look at the pros and cons broken down hilariously.


All New Texts From Mittens That Will Make You LOL


If kittens could text this is exactly how they would do it. Mittens the kitten exchanges text messages with her owner and it will definitely get a few giggles out of you .


Things we’re all thinking, but never say 


There are a lot of things we think about and often leave unsaid for a number of reasons. Here is a couple of them that you will without a doubt find funny and maybe even relate to if you are a weirdo .


Memes To Help You Pass The Time


Take a look at these memes that you will probably save to some folder in your gallery for later use. Click on the link to check them out. Trust us you will love them .


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