16th June, 2017

Seinfeld Episodes Ruined By Modern Technology

Seinfeld is one of the greatest comedy sitcoms of all time. In the scene below, Jerry meet an attractive women in the grocery store, and stalks out her workplace BUT today he’d just hop on Tinder and hope for the best!




Tweets About Healthy Eating That Are Funny Because They're True

We all laugh at vegetables, fruits and anything that is not a carbohydrate. Click on the link to see why veggies are so funny.




What You're Saying With Your Choice of Movie

You don’t need to think about Comedy because you don’t need to think about laughing – OBVS!




Reality Vs Expectation Of Summer

We don’t want to burst your bubble but summer is not all sunshine and Oros! Click on the see to see more examples of what Summer is not your friend. 

It's a lot wetter in reality.

tan tan-22



If Advertising Were Honest!

If this article threw any more shade then it would be a Boabab Tree “Hey, world, this is what 68 looks like. No face cream is going to make me look 28 again”.  


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