17th November, 2017

Some instructions are clearer than others


The blatant clarity of these instructions is beyond hilarious. Some are a tad bit offensive but all are incredibly funny. Go ahead and click on the link.


Heck the rules 


These people pay no regard to rules at all. Check out these images of them hilariously heckling the rules. Trust us you will have a good laugh over these 


Why Your Favorite Season Actually Sucks


We are rarely satisfied with the weather if it not too cold it is too cold. These images hilariously depict our complicated relationship with weather patterns.


People Are Sharing Their Weird Life Rules On Twitter And IDK They Make A Lot Of Sense


We all have those rules that we have set for selves and vow to abide by till the grave.  Some people have shared some of theirs and they are definitely something to over. Click on the link below to check them out.


Hilarious Horse Memes That Will Make You Laugh All Day


Who could have ever guessed that people could find so much humor in just a couple of horse picture? Well here is it folks; some stupidly silly horse memes for u to chuckle over.


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