18th October, 2017

Ridiculously Savage Tweets That Will Make You Laugh



These are honestly some of the most ruthless tweets we have ever come across. They are so savage that we had to share them. Click on the link for a good laugh.

Memes You'll Cackle Over If You Hate To Love Horoscopes


Some people read their horoscopes religiously whilst others think horoscopes are just a load of garbage .Which ever group you fall under, you will still enjoy these memes and have a solid laugh over them.

Workplace Pranks That Took It to the Next Level


Working with people who pull such high level pranks would be a joy in any one’s life as long as those pranks are not being pulled on you. The level of dedication behind these pranks is unmatched. Trust us you will love these.

Stunned cat's shocked expression is priceless as she realizes she has been neutered while cleaning herself


This cats reaction after realizing it had been neutered is a reaction any man would have after such a discovery. The reaction is beyond hilarious, click on the link to check it out.

Times First Time Dads Got Real About Preparing For the Big Day




These first time dads dedication to prepare for their children’s birth is downright exemplary but not so conventional. Click on the link below  to see how hilarious being an expecting parenting can be .


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