19th October, 2017

People Share Their Worst Date Stories



If you think you have encountered a terrible date experience, these peoples stories are guaranteed  to make you retract that statement . Some of the stories are hilarious whilst others are just appalling . Go ahead and click on the link .

Chuckle-Worthy Comics For Your Viewing Pleasure



There is nothing like a gold old comic strip to get you chuckling and these comics do exactly that . If you are keen for a good laugh you will click on the link .


These ferocious text put-downs prove you should never message your ex - and will put you off romance for life


Sometimes relationships end in such a blaze of searing acrimony , that you cannot even consider the thought of ever getting in contact with your ex . But sometimes you do and the result is can as vicious as what these people got ; incredibly savage and funny .

These Creative Parents Knocked It Out Of The Park On 'Crazy Hair Day' At School


From a cup of soda to a vegetable garden, these creative hairdos will not only get your kid excited to show some school spirit their . These are without a shadow of doubt some of the wildest and funniest hairdos we have ever seen .


These Epic Amazon Reviews Will Leave You Laughing



These amazon reviews are what reviews should be made of. They are blatantly honest and beyond hilarious.  Click on the link to lol.


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