23rd November, 2017

The 10 Types of People You See In Coffee Shops


You come across all kinds of people at coffee shops. These are just some of the few hilariously broken down. Click on the link to LOL!


89 Years Old Japanese Grandma Becomes The Queen Of Epic Selfies


Who said that the young rule the internet? 89 years old Japanese grandma, Kimiko Nishimito, actually never knew she loved photography and that she was pretty good at it until the age of 72. Take a look at her EPIC pics and LMAO.


Fake it till ya make it


These pictures hilariously depict the concept of faking it until you make it. Click on the link to view these images, trust us you will totally love them.


When You Have Close Friends You Only Know Through The Internet


In this day and age of crazy social media interactions it is no surprise some people have “ friends “ they come across on these networks and their friendship is exclusively on the web . Take a look at the hilariously interactions in these kinds of friendships.  


People Getting Arrested For The Dumbest Reasons Will Make You Feel Bad You’re The Same Species


Breaking the law is no laughing matter, or even getting arrested for that matter. But the reasons the people got arrested for are unbelievably hilarious. 


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