24th November, 2017

Sometimes, some events should never be spoken of ever again


The events these people went through should have never been told; they are beyond embarrassing. But what’s more is that they are incredibly funny. Click on the link to laugh your butt off.



These Comics Hilariously Describe Thanksgiving As A Kid Vs Thanksgiving As An Adult


A lot changes as you grow up in this instance we take a look at the different experiences we have around the time of thanksgiving when one is a kid and when  one is an adult . The drastic change is hella funny.


Poor Souls Who Got Roasted to a Crisp


These poor souls volunteered themselves to a roast on /r/roast me and got incinerated in a raging inferno. And it is beyond hilarious.



Prankster attempts to stride out of furniture store carrying huge sofa above his head


We live in a very different world, with a lot of unique people. But sometimes people’s uniqueness can be a bit excessive. Like this gent who saw it as a pretty great idea going to still a whole couch as a joke. The silliness of it all is what is funny about this.


Pass me the memes and cranberry sauce 


Be kind to yourself and let yourself have a good chuckle. Take a look at these Thanksgiving orientated memes and you will be on your stomach with laughter. 


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