29th March, 2018

Why Superman and Batman don’t get along

Ever wondered why Batman and Superman don’t get along? It is probably because Superman is a human-crushing douche who has no remorse and regard for people. He never takes accountability for anything he does and always seems to show up and the wrong time and say and do the wrong things…

Vegan Woes

It seems being a vegan can get pretty hard, especially when you are trying not to harm any insects, because well, we all know how difficult that can be. What happens when a vegan steps on an insect by accident?


The Lies Parents Tell

Parents are geniuses at getting children to do or not do things, for a very long time one can believe a lie their parents told them even when there’s hard evidence placed before them that whatever they were told is a lie. Must be a superpower! Here’s a hilarious example of the little white lies parents serve…Clever mom!


Easter Bunny

Easter is on its way and the bunny will make an appearance once more with Easter eggs for kids, we can only hope the bunny won’t look scary so the kids can be happy to see it, unlike this terrifying bunny…


Tired Spongebob

We all know how tiring being home with your parents can be, you will be sent around about 3000 times and be called like 10 000 times. So when you’re not around, one of the main things your parents will miss about you, is the ability to send you on errands. This will probably be your mother…

The Chive

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