#CCDailyFunny, Monday 3 April

3rd April, 2017

No One Can Believe China's Hottest New Boy Band Is Actually Made Of Women

FFC-Acrush is the hottest new boy band in China. The "A" in Acrush is short for Adonis - the Greek god known as the epitome of male beauty - The only catch is that all of the band members are women.

All we have to say is that if you got it – Then you got it! FFC-Acrush is doing the most in proving that whatever guys can do… Women can do it better!




South Africans Are Being Urged To Shut Down The Country on Friday And Take To The Streets

Thousands of people have signed a social media campaign for a day of action against corruption.

A social media campaign calling on South Africans to shut down the country on Friday and take to the streets is being monitored by police. The campaign went viral over the weekend and called on everyone to take part in a national shutdown - Don’t go to work, school or do anything unless you're taking to the streets in protest.

We wonder if people are looking forward to Friday as an excuse to chill or to do some serious damage? 



Beyoncé is getting wrecked in California literally!

The Wreck Room is a place where people come to smash  and destroy things. It’s a place to get out aggression in California, USA. There has been an overwhelming amount of requests for Beyoncé stickers to be placed on bottles, plates and bottles for people to break!

The reason behind all this aggression is because  the people in Southern California are still angry that she cancelled on California’s Coachella Music Festival. The Wreck Room just happens to be  45-minutes away from where the festival takes place and people keep coming to take their anger out on Beyoncé in this safe environment.

Looks like the Queen Bee has an unhappy hive!



‘Former NASA engineer’ says he saw NINE-FOOT alien on space shuttle during flight

Clark McClelland - an aerospace engineer for NASA - claims to have observed a nine-foot tall alien standing in a space shuttle during a US space agency mission. 

Mr McClelland claims he was monitoring the shuttle from the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida, at the time of the sighting in 1991. The story has emerged on paranormal websites and YouTube. The channel produced mock-up video of the oversized alien interacting with NASA astronauts in the bay.

Let the forces be with you as we might have to gear up for an extraterrestrial visit! 



Funeral called off after 'dead man' spotted drinking in bar nearby as mourners arrived to say goodbye

The grave for Wilson Oluoch had been dug in his home village three weeks after he went missing. A funeral was dramatically called off after the supposedly dead man was spotted drinking at a nearby bar as mourners arrived.

Oluoch had gone missing three weeks previously and when a decomposed male body was found in a sugar cane plantation, his family thought it was his.But shortly before the funeral someone told the family that a man who looked like Wilson had been seen in a nearby bar.

This is why forensic tests are needed people!


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