10th March, 2017

Bizarre moment man strips NAKED and washes himself on bank of River Thames 'on way to work'

Commuters were shocked when they spotted the man taking off his clothes and pouring the murky water over himself
An awkward video was taken of a man 'wearing smart clothes' stripping  naked to have a wash on the bank of the River Thames.
The man is thought to have been his way to work when he stripped off to his birthday suit next to the river in London.
He apparently began scooping up the murky water and pouring it over himself - while giving himself a good scrub. (Mirror UK)

Hotel Housekeeper Shares Priceless Photo Taken With Robin Williams

A hotel housekeeper at the Waldorf Astoria recently found and shared this amazing photo she took with Robin Williams.
We’d give anything to have heard the conversation that led up to this picture. (Sunny Skyz)

Armed man robs petrol station while wearing a shark onesie

So just imagine what was going through the head of the man who decided that a blue and white shark onesie was the best thing to wear to robbery a petrol station. (Metro UK)

Nicole Kidman blames 'huge' diamond ring for her seal-like Oscars clapping

"So therefore I'm clapping but it was really difficult because I had this huge ring on which was not my own but was absolutely gorgeous and I was terrified of damaging it."
She also slightly condemned those who were so captivated by her unusual flippers. (Telegraph)

That didn’t go so well

Instead of looking at what she initially wanted us to look at,her backside, Trust people to look beyond that and find a mistake. Her shoes do look shady though. (Daily HAHA)

Big Boobs – Not

To all the sick people out there asking for sexy pictures we are finally ready for you. Bring it on because this girl showed us a new trick, which we are not afraid to use. (Daily HAHA)



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