16th April, 2017

We Like Big Butts But We Cannot Lie…  

Ever tried to buy jeans online? 

'Baby Got Back' just happens to be one of those songs that everyone knows the lyrics too. The reality of the situation is - having a big butt is not all fun and games. Yeah sure – you look good twerking and every time you wear a body hugging dress you bring the boys to the yard! But what about the constant holes in your jeans or all that scandalwhen you have to bend over for anything. It’s a mission!

Click on the link to read more on the 25 Things People With Big Butts Can't Get Away With!



Harry Potter has been found guilty for cannabis

Professor Albus Dumbledore would be ashamed if this was the real Harry Potter. I mean let’s be honest – the real Harry Potter would probably just use his wand to make his stash disappear. 

There is someone out there with the name Harry Potter. That’s the name his parents gave him. We are not even pulling your leg. 


Would you dump your bae if they did something this ridiculous to your fake tan?

First of all – why are you asking your significant other to tan? Would you ask your partner to help you put your weave in? Or let him assist in applying your make up? Noooo because they don’t know what they are doing. 

If you don’t believe us then read the article! 


There is a legal brothel out there and you won’t believe the kind of people who work there guys!

The legal brothel in America has former mums, secretaries and soldiers working there all because of the economic crash. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do! We have seen people do the craziest things for way less.




There are African Donald Trump supporters — On the real![video width="480" height="264" mp4="http://www.comedycentralafrica.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2017/04/giphy.mp4"][/video]

This is proof that the Trump Effect literally knows no boundaries. In this continent there are African people who actually support Trump and his policies. Wait until they get to the American border then DOLOLO!


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