17th February, 2017

5 Helpful Tips for Living in a Banana Republic
How many Americans are afraid about their new president? Well, it was all a joke until he started taking up some responsibilities he always dreamed about even those that really did not make any sense.
Here are five helpful tips to navigate the ins and outs of your new, failed state. (Points in Case)

Buy 'LOL' t-shirt worn by suspected assassin online NOW
An image of a woman wearing a white t-shirt with 'LOL' written on it, has been seen around the globe this week, after Malaysian authorities named the woman as a suspect in the killing of the half-brother of North Korean leader
Opportunistic retailers have been hoping to profit from the picture, the South China Morning Post reports, by producing their own version of the t-shirt to sell online.
According to the SCMP, the clothing item appeared for sale on Taobao, China's largest online shopping platform run by Alibaba Group. (The Telegraph)

Man risks life outside supermarket for four hours in bizarre attempt to sue store
Here is a man. Some might call him an entrepreneur. Others, a trickster. You might call him something entirely different.
But we do know that he spent four hours standing underneath a large letter 'P' in the hope of making a lot of money . Or so we're told.
According to Twitter user Toyin , this guy stood happily beneath the broken lettering so that the 'P' would finally and hit him on the head . (Mirror.co.uk)


Kasi Mlungu hurting people from the kasi
‘We will carry on talking about this until people like her stop’
Anita Ronge has been trending for not her music but rather  for all the wrong reasons. She goes by the name of ‘kasi mlungu’ she denies having privilege. We mean who does that? You know how many black people would love to come back in the next life as white people
On the show Ronge said she does not have white privilege because she has worked hard to be where she is. She also said because white people reject her, this also negates any "perceived" privilege.
 (Huffington Post)

A Man Wakes Up In A Dingy Slum And Realizes He's In The Afterlife
Here is a joke for the day that will keep you giggling through quiet moments all day.

(Sunny skyz)

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