17th March, 2017

Naked lover spotted hiding from woman's partner arrives back home unexpectedly'

An eagle-eyed neighbour spotted the man hiding beneath the ledge several floors above street level. Who said cheating is easy, see this man hiding naked outside of his lovers place when they almost get caught doing the nasty. Lucky him right?. (Mirror UK)

This Photo Proves Will Smith Is Slowly Turning Into Uncle Phil. The Resemblance Is there !

Will Smith is keeping the legacy of James Avery alive by slowly turning into the late actor.

A Reddit user noticed the similarities between the two "Fresh Prince" actors while watching a video of Will Smith bungee jumping off the historic Victoria Falls Road Bridge above the Zambezi River. (Sunny Skyz)

Get Out (Of The White House)
Here’s a horror movie trailor that will put you at the edge of your seat

Meeting the parents can get pretty daunting when you're dating Ivanka Trump. Jordan Peele's Horror film "Get Out" meets the only thing that could make meeting the parents even scarier, President Donald Trump. (Funny or Die)


What Happened To Huge Movie Stars Who Suddenly Quit Fame

Everyone fell in love with Mara Wilson, AKA 'Matilda', the minute she walked on screen in 1996. Amanda Bynes had us *howling* in various Nickelodeon shows, then 'Easy A' alongside Emma Stone. (Comedy Central UK)

Man ‘Burst Out Of His Pants’ revealing he’s smuggling drugs at Airport

“His pants appeared to be rather snug,” officials said.

A man who police described as “busting out of his pants” was arrested at a New York City airport on Friday when officers found his legs were heavily strapped with cocaine, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Officers said that Juan Carlos Galan Luperon was packing 10 pounds of the illegal substance, worth an estimated $164,000, when he arrived at JFK Airport from the Dominican Republic, authorities said Friday. (Huffington Post)

What Happened To These Iconic On Screen Babies

Ever wondered what happens to child stars? Or to be more specific, the kid actors in Hollywood that have starring roles when they're tiny and don’t grow up to be the Olsen twins?
We have the answer for you. Here’s what became of the famous babies and toddlers that haven’t grown up to become the life lessons of Hollywood. (Comedy Central UK)

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