21st April, 2017

Pictures That Show How Far Out Hippies Really Were! 

Believe it or not but the Hippies of the 1960s were the real deal! This must be proof that your grandparents will always be cooler than you. To see what the true definition of a hippie is  – click on the link!




Bird Brains Are Not Stupid.

Some people refer to pigeons as the rats of the sky – humans are so mean! But did you know that pigeons are more like humans than any other creature. There you have ladies and gentleman so think twice the next time you see a pigeon. 




4/20 – The Holiday For Weed Smokers.   

All the weed smokers of the world came together to celebrate 4/20 – a long standing event in the smoker community. The event is one of the world’s biggest celebrations of cannabis and sees weed smokers spark up. 



World's Oldest Wombat Dies A Virgin.

Can people please stay out of this wombat’s love life! We definitely think that he has it on lock by the looks of his Tinder page. So close to finding love – sigh ! 



The Bloody Cheek Of Giving A Ticket To A Blood Van. 

Imagine you are on your way to save lives and end up getting a hefty fine? We don’t know to feel about this because the rules of the road are the rules of the road right. The van was on a single yellow line- the traffic officer really could’ve looked the other way.  



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