21st July, 2017

Lab Rat Really Screwing with Scientific Study

This lab rat is not interested in following any trends; it is a trend setter. Unfortunately its trendsetting ways has infuriated some scientists as it has been repeatedly messing up their research. This is a true story and it had us on our stomachs laughing. Check it out !



Japanese Twitter Is Going Crazy Trying to Debunk This Hilarious Pic of a Melted Duck

There is no twitter, like Japanese Twitter. No trust us; when the use of physics and mathematics are implemented just to debunk a picture as being inaccurate. You know you are rolling with the Japs .



27 People Who Failed To Understand How Basic Things Work

Ordinary citizens continue to do extraordinary things; we were stunned by the level of Genius found within these images. Just amazing!!! The stupidity is one you cannot begin phantom.



French Bulldog Making Racecar Noises

No really this must be the coolest Bulldog anyone could ever have. The level of freakiness is unmatched you have to check this video out!!!



The Funniest Replies to Donald Trump Tweets of All Time This Week

Finally!!  A first Class first world President who is so terrific he makes us feel good about having our third world Presidents.  Never has there been a time in history we felt so glad to be living in our beloved Africa. It’s an absolute circus out there so it is no surprise the level of clownery is at an all-time high. 



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