24th February, 2017

Woman hid in  toilet until staff left so she could steal booze and sandwiches
A woman has been arrested after she hid in the toilet of a Wetherspoon pub to steal a load of beer and sandwiches.
Jacqui locked herself in at the pub and then was spotted on CCTV trying different drinks and making herself a sandwich before realizing she couldn’t actually get out. (Metro)

Watch adorable Five-Month-Old Baby With New Glasses Seeing His Mum Clearly For The First Time
See video of five-month-old baby boy after being given his very first pair of glasses which helped him see clearly for the first time.
A five-month-old baby boy was filmed the moment he was given his first pair of glasses, which allowed him to see clearly for the first time. Just look at his little face. (Huffington Post)

"Experience death" by lying in shallow graves called'tomb classroom' to "appreciate life"

Hopeless women are being invited to the 'grave classroom' to experience death - in the hope that it will give them a better view of life.
Liu founded the unique experience after her attempt to take her own life three years ago. She had hit rock bottom after she could not find a job and was losing control of her marriage.
After her recovery, she luckily came back to her senses and decided to take her own life experiences to make a difference to the lives of other women. (Mirror)

Caitlyn Jenner Lashes Out at Trump
Caitlyn Jenner broke in a big way with President Trump over his intention to lift federal protections on equal access to bathrooms for transgender students.
Caitlyn spoke to Trump "from one Republican to another," calling Trump's move "a disaster." She adds, "You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community."
Jenner ends with a simple overture ... "Call me." (TMZ)

An Open Letter to My Niece About Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived to Kill

See this very thoughtful aunts open letter to her niece about Harry Potter (Points in Case)

‘Beyonce-LESS’ Coachella
Singer Beyonce has pulled out of this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival because of her pregnancy with twins. See some funny reactions to this very depressing news (Telegraph)


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