24th March, 2017

20 Best Responses To ‘Wrong Number’ Texts

How many of you have received weird random text messages from people you’ve never met before? Something like: “Jessica, I’ve hidden the garden gnome in the fridge. Please buy some more wine for the cat.” You know you’re not Jessica but the curiosity slowly starts to get to you. Wine for a cat? Gnome in the fridge? What the hell is going on? And so you decide to play along

Them: Sorry wrong number
You: No, my number is not wrong. (Brainberries)


'Hi Stranger!' Brilliantly creepy animation takes the internet by storm

This two-and-a-half minute stop motion animation, titled Hi Stranger, has been going viral on social media in recent days, with viewers transfixed by its atmospheric weirdness. (Telegraph UK)

Kid turns his head around 180 degrees

What a horror!

The young boy appears to have been asked to perform his 'party trick' for the camera and happily obliges. Starting by facing forward, the kid flexes his neck muscles before grabbing hold of his head. He then manages to turn his head in a complete 180 degree rotation so he is now facing out over his back. OMG how creepy is that?  (Mirror UK)

New Airplane Ad Featuring Jennifer Aniston Is Shady AF

After the recent ban on carrying laptops and large electronics on airlines, a slightly strange advert emerged. Responding to the criticism that companies had received after this change in policy, Popular airline sent out a bizarre video starring none other than our own Jennifer Aniston.(Comedy Central UK)

Only A TV Addict Can Identify These Shows From Their Theme Song

Let’s put those Netflix binges to test and also see how old you are. Take Quiz HERE > (BUZZFEED)

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