30th June, 2017

Awkward Things Done By Every Person On The Planet!


Awkward is the new not-awkward. If pop culture and the internet are anything to go by then let us take a look at some hilariously weird things that people do every day. Click on the link if you want to LOL!


Grown Man Serves As The 'Flower Girl' At His Cousin's Wedding

Saying yes to being the flower girl at your cousin's wedding is totally fine BUT imagine being a fully grown man - YIKS! Two friends got the idea when they attended a wedding as kids and realized that it was weird and funny. Click on the link for a chuckle!



The Life Of A Dog Owner


It’s definitely true what they say - dogs are a man’s’ best friend! Take a look at this cute and funny video of a guy being woken up in the STRANGEST way by his dog.



Things People In Their 20s Say

 It’s almost like people in their 20s don’t hear what they say. So apparently 25 is the new old – you ask us how, we honestly don’t know. Click on the link below to see what other FUNNY things people in their 20s are saying. 



Stop Bringing Cheap Weird Booze To Parties – JUST STOP!


Bringing a six-pack of beer is totally acceptable. 

BUT bringing a six-pack of cheap beer and then drinking your host's fancy bottle of liquor- now that’s not cool! 



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