7th July, 2017

Emergency Crews Rescues Girl Trapped Inside A Sofa.

We know what you are thinking… How in all things funny did this happen? Emergency crew did not believe how this girl got trapped INSIDE a sofa – click on the link to read more!



Too Many Weddings

Are you one of those people that goes to EVERY single wedding that they are invited to? Do you even get invited to weddings? If you don’t, then this story is not for you BUT if you like a good laugh then it is. Click on the link to watch the video. 



Sofia Coppola's Little Mermaid

Click on the link to watch this spoof video of the little mermaid. In a world of technology how can the little mermaid not have a shell fish phone? 



12 Life Changing Things To Try In July

Comedy Central is changing lives every day and this new invention is no different. Imagine having brandy flavoured ice cubes that look like diamonds? Or you could just use water and play a prank on bae! How funny would it be if she actually thought you got her a REAL diamond? 



Jessica Paré Can Eat Whatever She Wants

Whoever said being an actress was easy has never watched this video. Jessica Paré's (Mad Men actress) has a newfound taste for junk food which might make her Megan Draper character unrecognizable in the new season of Mad Men.



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