6th March, 2017

Young woman loses purse on night out - gets it back in post with 'creepiest note ever'

She wasn't exactly thrilled to see her purse again after reading what came with it.
As young people, it happens really often that you could lose your belongings on a heavy night out especially if you had a little too much to drink. This lady lost her purse while drunk at a party but luckily six weeks later she received it in the post with a really ‘creepy’ letter in it. (Mirror UK)

Prison Inmates have more time outside than kids

This has to be the weirdest fact to exist. We have always perceived being in jail as being locked up most of your life and facing the torture of your conscience from whatever crime you committed but this new study has proven that prisoners spend more time outside than children. (Sunny skyz)

6 Popular Fan Theories That Don't ACTUALLY Work

At their best, fan theories are a really fun way to look at a movie that you know inside and out. It doesn't matter if they're true or even come close to being true. A good fan theory takes a story that's been seemingly picked apart and reconstructs it in a way that's often cooler than the original story. (Cracked)

20 Surprising Facts About The Big Bang Theory You Probably Didn’t Know

We know this show has many haters, or not. It is probably the funniest piece of television that will make you believe science is the way to go in life.
If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely like this list, and if you don’t like TBBT, well, why would you even click on this post?
Anyway, here’s are 20 awesome little-known facts about the show, its actors and more! (Brainberries)

99-year-old runner chases down 92-year-old competitor in last few metres of sprint race

A 99-year-old runner has ran down a 92-year-old competitor in the final metres of a sprint race. Read more about these old people who are living their lives as though they are aging the ‘Benjamin Button way’. (Mirror UK)

Israel Officially Decriminalizes Marijuana Use

This has to be really good news to all the stoners of Israel, we have a really good feeling that some secret ‘Mary Jane’ lovers are going to come out the closet.
According to the proposal formulated by the Public Security and Justice ministries, any first-time offender caught using marijuana in public would receive a fine rather than face criminal action. (Haaretz)

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