#CCDAILYFUNNY, Monday 10 April

10th April, 2017

A Dead Bat Was Found In A Prepackaged Salad And People Are Grossed Out

WARNING: If you just ate, are currently eating, or about to eat – we apologize in advance.

Imagine a vegetarian’s reaction when a dead bat is soaking in their leafy veggies. This takes "organic" to a whole new level and now health officials are investigating the case.

In Florida - two people are getting checked for rabies after they found a dead bat in their prepackaged salad. Yes. They found a dead bat in their salad guys!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that they had already eaten some leafy greens before finding a "decomposed organism" in a container of Fresh Express salad.



Police Find Young Girl Living With Monkeys In A Forest In India

Living with Monkeys doesn’t sound like a bad idea! I mean it worked out well for Tarzan. 

In India – police are looking for the parents of a young girl who was found in a forest. Local news reports state that she had been living with monkeys.

Villagers informed police after they saw the girl in a remote forest. She was discovered with no clothes and appeared to be tanned from prolonged sun exposure – she also had claw-like nails.



Groom faces £25,000 wedding bill after his wife-to-be dumped him for another woman

If he could – We’re sure he would have signed a premature prenup – if that kind of thing exists!

A man has told of his heartbreak after his nurse bride dumped him for a female colleague six weeks before their wedding.

He planned to marry her in wedding costing  £25,000 - the couple of ten years paid for a beautiful rural venue, sent invites, hired a photographer, DJ and a Bentley for the bride and booked a honeymoon to Thailand.

But six weeks before they were supposed to get married, the groom to be learned that his partner of 10 years had been having an affair with a female. He said that cancelling the big day threw him into a deep depression which was made worse by seeing pictures of his ex and her new girlfriend on social media.



Runaway mum facing jail for abducting two sons is exposed as porn star after snaps found on sleazy website

A former porn star now turned mom is facing some jail time for abducting her two sons 

Naked pictures of the former nursery worker were featured on the VIP section of a seedy pay-for-view website. She stripped off for a kinky Christmas photoshoot and boasts of her lust for the “best sex experience”.



Is This Dog An Ad?

Can we please have one! PLEASE!

Meet Agador. He is a maltipoo with an amazing coat – that is so fluffy and soft! But Agador does some strange things like posing with products and tagging the brand.

We all know this is not Agadors doing! What does the poor dog know about diapers. 



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