17th April, 2017

Bathroom Truths!

Ever wondered if the noises you make in the toilet are strange or how you wish you were in a silent movie when you go to a crowded restroom? At the end of the day – we are all human. These bathroom truths will liberate you from all that awkwardness. Tip: Don’t forget your phone. Just don’t!





Magicians have been exposed! 

Abracada blah!  

If the public is exposing your secrets as a magician then you’re just not doing it right! We think that the only reason magicians got exposed was because people have fancy devices that can pause and stop shows. Technology is not your friend! 


Use Tinder To Find Your Prince Charming. No Seriously - Disney Princes On Tinder 

As crazy as this might sound – we all know you have fantasized about some of these characters. WE KNOW! So why not trust the quiz in predicting when you’re going to get married? Just give it to that one friend who’s adamant they won’t get married or the other friend who claims they are done with the opposite or same sex! Their reactions would be priceless. 



Family Spots Jaguar At The Park! WTF? 

So you are at the park having a picnic with the fam and you see a Jaguar? Imagine chilling at Zoolake and a Lion is just strolling about in the grass. What makes it worse is that instead of running away they had enough time to take pictures. Wow!



The Nursery That Allows Kids To Play With Saws And Cook On Open Fires

We swear the world keeps getting crazier. They are actually making our job so much easier! The question on everyone’s lips have to regard questioning why they have saws? Or open fires? Apparently this was an attempt to have a back-to-nature approach to childcare. The only approach happening here involves the police, a few months in prison and watching ‘Get Hard’ to prep yourself for jail. 


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