17th July, 2017

99 Questions for Ross From Friends 

We got 99 questions and adulating is one for Ross from Friends. This conversation between Ross and whatever you want to call that ghostly figure just got REAL! What question would you ask your favourite member of Friends? 



Let’s Guess Your Sense Of Humour!

Here is a quiz to see what really tickles you? Comedy Central is giving you a once of a lifetime opportunity to take a quiz about your funny bone. Click on the link if you want to find out how you scored! For some reason that last line sounded like a cheesy one liner. 



7 Google Image Search Fails

Comedy Central all about the funny – so this next story really had us on the floor laughing. A Chinese Theatre used a rather strange fan poster for Thor. When ‘Thor: The Dark World’ made an appearance in China, one Theatre went for an image with the most chemistry. Click on the link to read the whole story.



Grandma Cosplay Skills Are Better Than Yours!

This woman from Brazil will put ALL you lovers of Anime to shame! She has become huge on Facebook thanks to her creative cosplay. Click on the link to see some more seriously amazing Cosplay outfits.



Japanese Family Puts Their Aging Robot In Retirement Home – No Seriously!

IRobot really had us thinking twice about trusting robots but this story of a family putting their old robot in an old age, had us saying WHHHAAATTTT! The Akiyama family says the move to the assisted care facility was the right decision after so many years of operation. Some of you are probably shaking your head in disbelief? Then click on the link to get the scoop.



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