20th March, 2017

Famous Actresses At The Beginning Of Their Career Vs Now

We basically live our lives for celebrities. Well, not in an obsessed way but we love to track their lives just so that we can judge them and try to make ourselves feel better…Admit it! These then-and-now photos of famous actresses are going to make you feel really old or not if your confidence game in on a hundred. (Sunny Skyz)

Beyoncé's Mom Is Telling Corny Jokes On Instagram And It's THE BEST

Beyoncé’s mom is telling corny jokes on Instagram, and it’s THE. BEST. Here’s a quick taste of her prolific comedic work. Please never change, Tina. You’re a national treasure just like your daughter. Our very own ‘MAMA KING TEE’. (Funny or Die)

Funniest interview of the year' sparks angry backlash


Professor Robert Kelly, an expert on Korean politics, became an instant celebrity this week thanks to an unscheduled interruption during a live interview on BBC News. Watch this video of the interview appeared on Twitter and quickly went viral, with viewers around the world reveling in the near-perfect comic timing of the interruptions. (Telegraph UK)

Harry Potter Jokes You Totally Missed In The Simpsons

'Angelica Button and the Teacup of Terror' - it all makes sense now...
The Simpsons is up there with the greatest TV shows of all time. Harry Potter is just the best in general. But did you know the cartoon hides TONS of shout outs to the magical franchise?! (Comedy Central UK)

50 Absolutely Hilarious Parents Who Will Make You Pee-Laugh

We are lovers of children and therefore, trust us, No kids were harmed in the making of this post LOL. (BuzzFeed)

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