28th August, 2017


Confusion Over The Fight Is Real!

The fight that took place between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor saw people flooding to social media to predict their ULTIMATE winner. On comment grabbed our attention and stood out - for all the funniest reasons.

Confused much? Click on the link to read the full story. 



Hilarious Reactions To Taylor Swift's New Song

Look what you made us do Taylor. The old Taylor is dead, and so are we. After listening to the new song by Taylor Swift we had to find and share some of the funniest reactions on the web. Click on the link to see what Taylor is going to make you do – LOL! 



Blessings for Sugar Babies – Oops did we say that?

Are we still calling them Sugar Daddies or Blessers? These are questions that need answers. Well somewhere in the US of A there is a party where all the blessings are felt. Click on the link to get the scoop.



Old Grudges Are Shared On Twitter And It's A Lot!

Runs to the kitchen and grabs the popcorn | Things on Twitter just got interesting. We laughed, we cried and now we are sharing. Click on the link to see some other uncomfortable truths!



Sorry My Car is So Gross – Eww!

This car is messy AF. End of discussion. Everything that was done needed to be done! Click on the link to watch the video and decide for yourself.



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