2nd March, 2017

High quality toilet paper saves dude from a nightmare.

Don't buy the ‘crappy’ toilet paper — your body deserves better
People always going on about how toilet paper is just toilet paper and you don’t have to be luxurious with items like those but here is a testimony: This person discovered an unexpected benefit from upgrading their roll. He texted the whole story to his friend and later uploaded it to Imgur, because the internet deserved to know the truth. (Mashable)

We got a runner here.

Kids! Little people who look exactly like their parents and probably are the true comedians of this earth. See how this little man has a better strategy than actually taking part in this activity. (IMGUR)

Zara: “love your curves”, Twitter: “Where?”

Zara has been criticised on Twitter over an ad campaign featuring two slim-looking models next to the strapline, “love your curves”. The question that remained amongst many was, ‘Where are the curves so we can love them too?’. (The Poke)

American man claims he's the rightful King of England - and has taken an ad out to 'prove' it

Not everyone loves the Royal family . Some actually feel like who are they to have the mentality that they are born to rule? Well, even if you hate them or maybe even love them, we’re pretty sure you have imagined yourself being royal and how fun it would actually be. One man in the US certainly seems to agree, and rather than finding an opportunity to marry into the Royal family, he's gone one better and is staking his claim to the throne. (Mirror UK)

17 Things You Never Noticed On "Friends" That Will Make You Say, "How Did I Miss That?"

OK, but like how did we all not notice this? (Buzzfeed)


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