9th March, 2017

Pensioner coupleshare IG snaps of their daily matching outfits

This old couple has managed to get 100000 Instagram followers, thanks to their very cute fashion sense.

Known as BonPon; A mixture of both their names, the Japanese couple manage to look effortlessly stylish while matching their outfits. Aren’t they just the real definition of #RelationshipGoals (Mirror UK)

This Quiz Will Reveal Which "Friends" Character You Really Are

This definitely has to be the Ultimate Friends Quiz.  Do you have trouble identifying what kind of person are you. Well, this quiz will give you a clearer direction as to which Friends character you really are.

 Who’ll be there for you? (BuzzFeed)

9 Songs with Hilariously Outdated Tech References

Not all songs are meant to be as timeless, but those timely songs sure are hilarious in retrospect. (College Humour)

World's smallest mobile nightclub opens in England

 Two men in England brought a party atmosphere to their town by creating the world's smallest mobile nightclub.
"Club 28," which set a Guinness World Record when it debuted at the Rotherham Carnival, measures 6 feet 7 inches high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. (UPI)

BBC accidentally announces Mark E Smith's death on his 60th birthday

Mark E Smith, frontman of influential post-punk band The Fall, turned 60 on Sunday, and many fans and admirers turned to social media to post tributes to the awesome Manchester music legend.Unfortunately BBC accidently announced his death rather LOL. What a mistake! (Telegraph)

Trevor Noah Smacks Down Donald Trump: 'He's A Proven Troll'

“How can you be a conspiracy theorist when you’re the president?”
Trevor Noah is one person who refuses to take President Donald Trump's unfounded accusations of wiretapping seriously.

Read more on what Trevor Noah really thinks of President Donald Trump. (Huffington Post)



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