11th May, 2017

Random Facts That’ll Freak You Out

Even though we are the most laughed at Channel - every now and then we discover the craziest things about the world. Click on the link to find out what other disturbing facts are out there – weird!



Man Arrested For Vehicle Fetish 

We know you probably won’t take us seriously but there is a 26-year-old man with a self-professed fetish for rough-running cars. Just take our word on it – it’s true. We are done trying to convince you – just read the article to find out for yourself. 




Meet the Twyse Family In This Hilarious New Skit 

We understand the secret of laughing because it’s our job to understand it – duh! Twsye Ereme is out with another funny skit, this time we get to meet the Twyse family. Click on the link to watch the video. 


What You See vs What Others See

We love to make people cry… With laughter obviously! These images truly depict how sadistic our minds really are. This is simple - don’t trust your mind. 



Young Girl Fights Off  9Ft Alligator By Sticking Her Fingers In Its Nostrils

This is worth sharing because that is caring. A 10-year-old girl has successfully managed to beat up a 9 ft alligator that was quarter to biting her leg off.  Let this be a lesson kids – listen in class! It might you’re your life. 



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