13th April, 2017

This TV Show Asked Men To Guess Whether A Woman Was Fat Or Pregnant

Our reaction when reading this article was OMG all the way!

The show also asked panelists to guess if a woman’s breasts were real or fake. They even went as far as asking if someone was Chinese or Japanese. Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee, which can directly be translated to “Bring Your Bathing Suit,” is a new celebrity game show on a Dutch TV channel. The first episode of the series had a segment called “Fat or Pregnant?” Teams were asked to guess if the woman is fat or pregnant. The show also featured a section where panelists guessed if the woman’s breasts were real or fake.

The show immediately caused controversy, as people expressed their anger.




Someone served raw chicken on MasterChef and the viewers couldn’t cope

Have these people never heard of salmonella?

MasterChef viewers have been left a shocked after a contestant served undercooked chicken – but still made it to the next round. The contestant - Visha was hoping to impress the judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode in the kitchen – which she aimed to do with a dish of chicken leg rubbed with a garlic and Scotch bonnet pepper paste, lentils with coriander and spiced fondant potatoes.

Things didn’t really quite go as planned, as the judges praised her for the flavour combinations but criticized her for the raw poultry.




Alleged Gay 'Concentration Camps' In Chechnya Spark Global Outrage

Will there be no peace and equality in the World? Over 100 gay men were detained and tortured.

International human rights activists are criticizing reports that approximately 100 gay men have been arrested, and three killed, in Russian.

A Moscow-owned Russian opposition newspaper cited claims by law enforcement officials who stated that men aging from 16 to 50 were detained “in connection to their sexual orientation.” Apparently the arrests began when local LGBTQ rights group, GayRussia.ru, applied for pride parade permits which were immediately denied.




Charlie Gard’s parents receive heartbreaking advice from mum who had to make the devastating decision to turn son’s life support machine off after baby death judgment

A judge has ruled that doctors SHOULD withdraw an 8 month year old baby’s life support.

Their statement simply read: “No words . . . just devastation.”

Dad Chris Gard and mum Connie Yates, from West London have vowed to fight on as cash from well-wishers continues assists as they battle to take Charlie - who has a rare genetic disorder, to the US for trial treatment.




Going to prison? Here’s our guide to what to pack, from someone who has done time

You know the movie – ‘Get Hard’ which features Kevin Hart. Well here is our version of how to get prison ready.

One of the most frequently asked questions that ex-convicts get is ‘what should I take with me to jail? There are a few basic things you can take with you in a holding cell when you are in court waiting to learn your fate. What should be on top of anyone’s list is a good strong pair of flip-flops. Once you have seen the state that most prison showers are in - you will understand the reason no one wants to step anywhere barefoot.

Prisons breed infectious diseases, some of which – such as hepatitis or scabies – are much more serious than then an odd lump. Don’t take any chances! 


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