20th April, 2017

The Most Disappointing Things That Have Ever Happened – Shem ! 

Not everything is what seems – that’s the truth about life. Sometimes you get deceived by false advertising and other times a fruit or vegetable just gave up growing along the way. Life is full of funny disappointments – like the one below (what a shame)!




The Weirdest Facts About Japan

Japan is known for their love of cartoon and anime – but crazier things do happen is the animated country! These Japanese cartoons for many people have become a cult! Click on the link to see what we mean.





The Worst Clients For Sex Workers

Let’s face it, we all have Bad Days At The Office. But sex workers have the craziest stories about clients that show them the most! Don’t worry – this article is very PG. 




Easter Weekend In The UK Is Hilarious.

In the UK – this is how they spend their Easter. The public enjoys themselves across the country as nightclubs opened their doors for the long Easter weekend - and many took the chance to party hard! Too hard if you ask us.




Birds Eye Ridiculed on Twitter by Food Fans 

The moral of this story is don’t mess with other peoples food. Have you ever seen such dissatisfaction because fish fingers in a sandwich? The recipe includes black olives, jalapenos and lettuce on brown seeded toast, The problem must be the fact that it is extremely healthy.  




WTF Did These Kids Do? 

Kids do and say the craziest things OMG! Just look at the conversation that unfolded.

"When I asked my 4-year-old nephew what he wanted for lunch, he said, 'People.' I said that people weren't food and he threw a fit." Click on the link to read more – it gets crazier!



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