20th July, 2017

Celeste Shades Instagram influencers – LOL!

In this video - comedian Celeste Ntuli pretends to pose like Instagram’s ‘IT’ girls! If you don’t know what an ‘IT’ girl is then look no further!  Celeste makes fun at the fact that “influencers” will give their stylist, designer, photographer, and everyone a shout out except for the way they look.



You Will Never Believe Where This  "Game Of Thrones Location Is".   

Seeing as everybody has GOT Fever this story is perfect for all you “Game Of Thrones” lovers! You will never believe where the scene below was shoot! NEVER!



When Your Friend Lives Too Far Away!

People think that long distance relationships are bad BUT what about long distance relationships? No one should refill their gas tank on the way to your house. Click on the link to watch the whole video.



Date Night

Well this awkward. It is funny –  but REALLY awkward. Hear no evil and tell no lies. Click on the link to see if this video has you LOLing! But seriously, having biscuits for dinner?



Are You A Dog Expert?

Those fluffy friends we love to hate. This quiz tests your dog knowledge. If you get a seriously low score then it is time for you to go to doggy day care. 



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