23rd February, 2017

Why you shouldn't throw out those little silica gel packets just yet

They may seem useless but those silica gel packets you find in a box of new shoes could prove useful..
Do  yourself a favor and don’t throw the away because they are ‘life hack’ goals. The little sachets can come in handy for everything from freshening up a your sweaty gym kit to drying out your phone when it gets wet.
The silica gel packets have little beads inside that help keep the products you buy from moisture.
It follows that they're pretty good at drying stuff out, which means they're brilliant for plenty of annoying household tasks - or when your phone falls into the toilet.  (Mirror)

UK Woman Asked To Refund Guy After Turning Down Second Date With Him

When This Lady went on a first date, she accepted that the guy she went out with was definitely not for her. Once the date was done she sent him a little text letting him know that there will be no second date but to her surprise the guy replied with his bank details and a request for her to refund the cash he'd spent on drinks LIKE A BOSS…. (Huffington Post)

Snowboarding leaves David Beckham toothless falling

Included to this article is a video of David and his 17 year old son having a spontaneous time together, unfortunately, little did he know that he would leave the place without a tooth . Read more of the details of this accident for some giggles (Daily Mail)

Trevor takes some South Africa to Los Angeles

Before Trevor comes back home for his one man show which will be happening on the 10th and 11th of August this year, it seems as though he took a few of his friends to his current home. True friends have slept over  and each others houses we guess.

19 People Who Prove Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Here are 19 people who are definitely #GoodLifeGoals, I mean they definitely have to be our heroes because they have the courage to do things that we really cannot do or are afraid to do.(BuzzFeed)

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