27th April, 2017

People Who Deserve To Be President

The world would be a better place with these people in charge. Step aside politicians – we have some new candidates that would make the world a funnier place!





Patient Had A Glass Bottle Up His Bum. WTH?

A man has had a glass bottle lodged in his rectum and didn’t even know! Something about this story doesn’t smell right. Locals said the man claimed it must have "happened accidentally" when he was drunk – hmmm. 






Couple Want A Divorce So They Can Share Girlfriend 

We seriously don’t make these stories up! An Austin couple is filing for divorce in order to include their shared girlfriend in the relationship. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him?






Moms Show Off Their Prank Skills

These moms get the seal of approval from Comedy Central! The older generation might be pulling better pranks than the youth. If you look at it – pranks for the younger generation involve pulling each other’s pants down. You know it’s true. 






Trends From 2017 That Will Make Us Laugh In 2027. 

There are certain trends that might be cool now but what about in the next 10 years. We take a look at some of the craziest trends to date and wonder if our children will be trying them on and calling it vintage. Cause let’s not lie - We won't be contouring forever.

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