29th June, 2017

Memes For Adulting That Are So True It Is Sad

While all your friends are getting married and having kids - you still have no idea what taxes are. Or you cannot get a good credit score without being in debt and don’t even get us started on medical aid. Click on the link to see just how messed up adulating is. 



The Best and Worst Things About Parents

You either love them or hate them BUT nothing is funnier then parents. They have good intentions but sometimes the things they say or do have you saying OMG!



Everyday Things We Do That Are Actually Really Gross – EWW!

It is no surprise that human beings are weird! It might seem normal when you are doing it but this article might put things into perspective. Click on the link to see why. 



Love Is Real News

This just in: a forbidden love between a president and an Irish reporter has brewed. This is the story of how Caitriona Perry won the attention of the most powerful man on the planet. Click on the link to watch the video. 



Thief Gets Away With Tic Tacs, Dog Treats And Wet Wipes

Whoever said that Karma does not exist has not meet this guy. Click on the link to find out how this thief only left with Tic Tacs, Dog Treats And Wet Wipes. 



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