#CCDAILYFUNNY, Thursday 6 April

6th April, 2017

The Husband Of A Trump Supporter Has Just Been Deported Back To Mexico

A Mexican man who spent two decades living in the United States was deported back to Mexico, separating him from his US-born wife - who voted for President Donald Trump.

The man's American wife said she believed "good people" would not be deported under President Trump. Roberto Beristain, 43, had been in custody during a routine check - in with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. After spending almost two months in detention centers across six states, he was suddenly taken to Mexico.

“They suddenly told me it was time to go,” Beristain said. “They told me to get my stuff; they put me in the back of a van, and sped toward the border.

We seriously wonder how his wife is feeling at this current moment.





I Quit Co-Sleeping, And It Changed My Life

For those of you who don’t know what co-sleeping is – best defined as parents and young children sleeping in the same bed.

 If you're a parent who hasn't experienced the joys of co-sleeping, you're in for a real treat (insert sarcasm here). One of our two managed to hijack our bedroom for around four years, and the side effects were not pleasant.




Twitter Has A New Mobile Website Which Will Work Faster And Use Less Data

Twitter has done it again ladies and gentleman! Living in a contemporary society has never been easier.

Twitter Lite will be available around the world, but the service is aimed at emerging markets such as India, and countries in Africa and Latin America where the majority of people still experience the internet on slow, 2G networks and cheap Android smartphones. Twitter Lite uses less data, load up to 30% faster than the full-blown Twitter website on slower connections, and perform more reliably on flaky networks.



Police find ‘mostly naked’ woman with webbed feet claiming she’s a mermaid

If you didn’t believe in mermaids - Then you will after this.

 Police are trying to identify a woman who was found wearing a sports bra claiming that she is a mermaid. The woman ‘apparently named Joanna’ was discovered walking through the streets of California. She answered ‘I don’t know’ to most questions, according to the Police but did say that she was a mermaid. 

Officers asked for help trying to identify who the woman - He added that they had been through police records and had taken her finger prints but so far had not been able to find out who she was.



Trump threatens war with Assad as he brands Syria chemical attack ‘an affront to humanity’

DONALD Trump slammed the Syrian chemical attack as “an affront to humanity” as the US warned it may take military action to punish Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Trump accused the Syrian dictator of being behind the gas airstrikes that killed 100 during a press conference with Middle East ally King Abdullah of Jordan. Trump states  “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated” - He added: “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.”


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